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Credit Card Processing

B2B clients can potentially realize Big Savings on their Credit Card Processing!

If you are a B2B customer and you take credit cards, we have a very powerful solution that can significantly reduce your base cost. This solution is easy to setup, easy to use and provides savings for cards that qualify for level II and level III processing every month!

There is a base cost for all credit cards that is called “Interchange”.  These are Issuing Bank and Card Brand costs. By having the system we use and collecting a few more pieces of data when the card is processed…..the Interchange cost is reduced! Significantly in some cases.

We can show the potential savings you would get every month by using the solution we have.  By just sending us two months’ worth of your current processing statements, we can provide a free analysis based on the card types and volumes you are taking in. It is not software……you will receive a user name and password…..sign on and either key in or swipe the card! We will train you and help you set up the system specific to your needs so the amount of time to process a card will be about the same time it takes you now.

We have never seen a system like this that is so intuitive and user friendly. Send me your statements and we will get back to you shortly!

Email if you have questions……. john@higherstandards.net

We switched to this solution a few months ago and are thrilled with the savings we have received! – Kristine

We have found Higher Standards Processing solution to be very beneficial for us.  Almost all of our business is with repeat customers.  The user friendly platform allows us to store data for quick reference and processing of future transactions.  Shifting our processing of credit cards to this solution has been more efficient and cost effective for us as well.   The training and customer service staff at Higher Standards, Inc. made for a very smooth transition to the new system.  A truly win/win scenario for us.  We highly recommend the processing solution and the staff at Higher Standards!  – Corey, Owner