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Credit Card Processing Solutions

Credit Card Processing Services

Industry analysts anticipate that the future will bring a larger number of transactions through card processing than in cash or hard-check transactions. This is why Higher Standards provides a wide variety of Signature-based and PIN-based merchant credit card processing service, as well as processing for Debit cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer cards (EBT) and Fleet cards.

Level 3 processing requires more detailed data, meaning you need to be well equipped if it is the system you choose to implement. Fortunately, Higher Standards can provide you merchant credit card processing services for Level 3 B2B credit card processing transactions.

Knowing how important it is to have all of this processing power at your fingertips, we will go the extra mile to satisfy your business needs. Our business to business credit card processing service allows you to have peace of mind that you and your business will remain secure and current, knowing that daily settlements get to your financial institution quickly.

We can also provide you advanced recurring credit card billing solutions, which can help you easily increase retention, grow loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction.

Should you have any questions about the types of Credit Cards and other forms of payment that are available to you, a Sales Representative from Higher Standards can inform you about the advantages and benefits they provide.